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Schwim the fish is starving, but you can help him survive!

It doesn't get much more casual that this - Just point and swim. Collect the food pellets without letting Schwim get too tired. Hoard 50 pellets as fast as you can!

When you've mastered easy mode, switch to hard with less food and a hungrier fish, or hand your device over to a friend and watch them flounder to beat your time.

Schwim is a game designed as a time filler for those awkward 2 or 3 minutes we all have. If there's any gap at all in your daily life - you can get a quick game in. There are also NO ADs to get in the way, so get swimming!

Get it on Google Play One Hundred Pterodactyls
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One Hundred Pterodactyls, 4 levels, one cannon and unlimited ammunition.

Blast these bygone beasts out of the sky in this casual game that can be picked up and played in seconds.

  • FREE for a limited time.
  • No in-app purchases, 'Pay-to-Win' or adverts for a complete experience.
  • 4 gradually hardening, replayable levels.
  • The finest royalty-free sound effects that the internet has to offer.